Client Care Case Summaries.

GM(58). London - towards essentials.
He has mental health problems and because of his appearance he has been victimised and harassed by neighbours. He has also been attacked and his flat burgled. He has now ben re-housed.

Family M. Lincolnshire - towareds respite break.
She has 2 children - a son aged 12 and a daughtre aged 10 who is autistic. The mother is the sole carer and under considerable stress. She also suffers from mental health issues. They plan a caravan holiday in Skegness.

Mrs DD(35). Dorset -towared major wheelchair repairs.
She has severe mental health porpblems as well as being physically disabled in a wheelchair because of the domestic abuse sh suffered. Her 4 children were put in foster care but have now been returned to her as she is now more stable.

SA(37). Cardiff- towards fridge and bedding.
He has been homeless and suffers from depression and also has learning disabilities. He has been re-housed which is improving his self esteem because things are getting much better.